July 16, 2018
Your next best hires are from 10 schools

Participants in the National ProStart Invitational get better and better every year. Meet the winners.

July 1, 2018
Guide offers tips on safe handling of food at food banks

The new guide teaches food-bank and other charitable-group workers how to distribute food safely and properly.

June 27, 2018
5 traits of the new American diner

Your typical restaurant guest is no longer the Average Joe or Jane of 20 years ago. See our profile of the American Foodie 2.0 identified in our new Restaurant Industry Forecast.

June 13, 2018
Stronger labor market bodes well for restaurants

The improving labor market along with lower gas prices should put consumers in a better position to burn off their pent-up demand for restaurants, according to the NRA’s chief economist.

June 12, 2018
Order your serving of environmental sustainability today

Be efficient. Get the latest info on environmental sustainability at our ESG next month. Advance registration closes March 16, so sign up now!

June 12, 2018
New guides to help restaurants reduce food waste

The two guides were created to help our industry implement strategies and best practices to cut food waste.

June 7, 2018
Why a $10.10 starting wage is bad for federal contractors

A $10.10 starting wage would put restaurants on federal properties at a severe competitive disadvantage or, in the worst cases, force them to close.

June 7, 2018
Infographic: The launchpad to career growth

This infographic illustrates how restaurants foster career advancement, according to NRAEF research.

June 7, 2018
Supply and demand: the search for logistics pros

There will always be a home for the cool new hotshot chef. But the industry also needs professionals with a “science mindset.”

June 6, 2018
Front and back of the house not for you? Try corporate HQ

Your strengths don't have to lie in culinary creativity, efficient service or cocktail wizardry. The restaurant industry offers opportunities for suits, too.