The restaurant and foodservice industry provides opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds to achieve the American Dream. It’s an industry that touches every American’s life, where careers are born and memories are made. We share your creative flair, your passion for serving others and your pledge to the communities where you live, work and play. Membership with the National Restaurant Association means that you have a strong partner invested in your success. 

Combined with our state partners, we are all working for you. We’ve worked in and with restaurants – as operators, suppliers, educators - and now we represent your interests as an industry. We get the challenges you face because we’ve faced them too. We believe in always protecting the best interests of our members. We want to empower you to achieve even more success than you thought possible.

Whether you are an operator or a supplier, a student or an instructor,  there are always new issues, challenges and policies that can affect your business and our industry. Together, with our state restaurant associations, we’ve got over 750 staffers ready to back you up, so you can focus on running your business.

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