Giving Back

Restaurants are the heart of their communities, where neighbors and families gather to share good times and where they turn in time of need. Overwhelmingly, operators respond with food, kindness and support.

Restaurant Neighbor Award

Recognizing outstanding community service among restaurants More than 15 years ago, the National Restaurant Association and founding partner, American Express, created the Restaurant Neighbor Award to help honor restaurants for outstanding co...

Restaurant Neighbor Award

Contributing to Communities

America’s Restaurants: Serving More Than Meals No wonder 80 percent of consumers agree that restaurants are good corporate citizens and 72 percent agree that operators give back to their communities. They do. In fact, 94 percent of rest...

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Military Partnership

We support servicemen and women, veterans, and their spouses through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's military program. The foundation provides career training and counseling and supports military hospitality pro...

Featured Story

Fighting Hunger

Because food is the restaurant industry’s business, restaurant operators are particularly committed to battling the problem of hunger in America. Many in our industry donate their food or their time, while others help fund efforts that pr...

Fighting Hunger


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