Trending Healthy

June 19, 2014

National Restaurant Association research keeps restaurant operators ahead of the curve on nutrition trends that can lead to healthy business. Our Restaurant Industry Forecast and What's Hot report confirms that healthful options lead culinary trends – for consumers and restaurants.

The Forecast identified locally sourced meats and seafoods, locally grown produce, environmental sustainability and healthful kids' meals as top culinary trends for 2016. Other popular menu trends included minimally processed foods and gluten-free items.  Image

Our research shows that more than seven in 10 adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than they did two years ago. 

Restaurant operators are taking notice, with more than eight in 10 saying their guests pay more attention to the nutrition content of food now than they did two years ago. Strong majorities of consumers have noticed that restaurants feature more nutritious options on menus now compared to two years ago.

As restaurant guests increasingly demand more healthful options, the National Restaurant Association works to ensure restaurants can effectively respond to consumer interest in healthful menu items and nutrition information, including advocating for legislation that soon will provide consumers with nutrition information in more than 250,000 chain restaurants. For standard menu items, the law provides a national standard to make it easier for chain restaurants to provide consistent information about menu items for their guests.