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Get the facts: 14.7 million employees and growing 10 percent of the U.S. workforce Extensive career training for workers, students and military veterans Nearly one in 10 American workers is employed in the restaurant industry, millions of them on track for success in the industry thanks to widespread training and career growth opportunities. Restaurant-industry employmentis now 14.7 million employees strong, and expected to increase to 16.3 million by 2027. One in three adults in America got their first job experience in a restaurant.  A career ladder for millions of employees of all ethnicities and backgrounds, the restaurant industry offers exceptional opportunities for professional development. Restaurant operators themselves provide extensive employee training.   National Restaurant Association career development programs are producing the next wave of restaurant industry professionals. ProStart prepares high school students for careers in the field, and offers annual ProStart scholarships -- $14 million to date. Our Military Foundation provides training and industry support to military hospitality programs, and promotes industry career opportunities and small business ownership opportunities to military veterans and spouses.


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Participants in the National ProStart Invitational get better and better every year. Meet the winners.

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June 13, 2018
Stronger labor market bodes well for restaurants

The improving labor market along with lower gas prices should put consumers in a better position to burn off their pent-up demand for restaurants, according to the NRA’s chief economist.

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Buffalo Wild Wings’ beverage odyssey

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5 important dos and don’ts when asking interview questions

Stick the basics, and stay consistent