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Overtime: What you need to know

Legal experts explain the Department of Labor's new overtime rule.

Reading a chargeback statement

Many businesses are seeing an increase in chargebacks with the recent shift in liability for fraudulent payment-card use. Learn how to protect your restaurant.

NLRB’s new joint-employer standard

An August 2015 decision by the National Labor Relations Board moves away from the well-settled "joint-employer" standard.

EMV and restaurants: What you need to know

The next generation of the payment card is coming as the United States joins the international payments community in adopting the EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) standard for secure payments.

Share intelligence to improve cyber defense

The R-CISC is the nonprofit organization established to support the retail industry as the intelligence sharing and analysis center (ISAC), creating a trusted environment for robust collaboration for its customers and partners.

Is your restaurant recall-ready?

Minimize your risk in case of a food recall.

Use the NIST Framework to reduce cyber threat risks

A new federal framework offers a flexible, cost-effective way to help you protect your restaurant from cyber threats.

Take control of your alcohol purchases

Look at ways to take control of your alcohol purchases. Learn to simplify the payment process and demystify your alcohol spend.

Food issues on the menu: Antibiotics

How do you address consumer questions about meat safety? Build confidence in the meat you serve in this Center for Food Integrity webinar on antibiotics in the food supply.

Local-store marketing tips

Learn more about strategies to control your brand globally, while enabling the location-specific ad content to drive local sales.

Responding to online reviews

Responding to online reviews can be a challenge. Get some tips on how to do it right.

Patent trolls: Why your restaurant should care

What's a patent troll, and what does it have to do with the restaurant industry?