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Healthy Dining Resources

An array of National Restaurant Association resources makes it easy for consumers to make healthy menu choices and restaurants to provide them.

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Everyone can use a little help when it comes to discovering and choosing healthier food items. Our resources guide consumers toward healthful food options at restaurants, while other resources guide operators to the healthful menu options today’s consumers want.


Consumers can visit HealthyDiningFinder.com for healthful menu items at more than 70,000 participating restaurant locations nationwide that meet nutrition criteria set by Healthy Dining’s nutrition experts. To become more skilled at making healthful dining choices at every restaurant, our Healthful Dining Tips gives guests great advice on what ingredients and items to look for and even ask for when they order their meal.


Guests are finding nutrition information more easily. Our research shows that about a third of all adults have gone online to get nutrition data on restaurant food. A growing number of restaurants provide such information. An NRA-advocated standard will soon set a consistent format for how larger chain restaurants provide nutrition information.



Our What’s Hot survey of professional chefs keeps restaurant operators ahead of the curve on which nutritious foods are most likely to lead to healthier business. The survey gauges which healthful items are trending on menus, from overall nutritious menu options, to items like gluten-free, whole-grain, low-calorie, and fresh produce choices.



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